Product Liability/Defective Product

Tom and his associates took my case after I was advised by a few other lawyers that I needed an attorney with the resources and determination to really dig deep if I wanted to have a chance to win my lawsuit. One of the lawyers recommended Tom and my family and I are forever thankful. Tom left no stone unturned and found the proof needed and more to win the product liability case for me and my family. Although I suffered a major life changing experience that cost me my left arm, Tom gave my family and I the ability to start moving on. -Shawn & Raquel F.

From the first time I met with Mr. Crenney and his staff, I Knew that I was in very capable hands. My case was handled expertly at every step by caring attorneys who relentlessly built the strongest case possible. My injury created many difficult times for me, and although they could not take away the pain, they made feel at ease knowing that they were working diligently to help me move on and get my life back on track. Tom was very honest, understanding, and compassionate throughout my case, and he and his staff made me feel quite comfortable on a very unfamiliar stage. I was very pleased with their results, and truly believe that Crenney and Associates are a great team to have on your side. Not only did I gain closure for my injury, but I also feel I gained a few friends along the way.-Scott M.

Medical Malpractice

Our daughter Maura was born in May of 1990 … she suffered cerebral anoxia at birth, and spent a very harrowing 24 days in an NICU teetering between life and death before we brought her home. Korene and I knew at the time, though, that her birth injuries would cause all sorts of delays and future issues. To be brutally honest, in those very early days in the NICU, we were afraid that she would die, and we were also afraid that she would not. After raising her through her first two years, we were stunned by the diagnosis of cerebral palsy and developmental delays. More diagnoses would come, later in her life, including seizure disorder, strabismus, (crossed eyes), optic nerve atrophy, and other concerns that left us more and more devastated as the months wore on. During the summer of 1992, we agonized over the decision to seek counsel and explore a medical malpractice action, for the purpose of securing the necessary funds to make our home wheelchair accessible, purchase a wheelchair van, provide private physical therapy, and generally meet her needs. A friend recommended Thomas E. Crenney and Associates, and we still remember how hopeless we both felt going into the first of what would be many, many meetings with Mr. Crenney. Mr. Crenney very gently and very kindly validated for us that we were doing the right thing, and earned our trust very quickly. He guided us step-by step all the way up to and including the trial which followed three years later.

Following the settlement that was approved by the Court when Maura was 5 1/2, Mr. Crenney and his staff continued to help and guide us, petitioning the Court when we needed to purchase services for Maura and to make our home fully adapted and accessible, over a period of nine years.

Now, Maura is a very happy, healthy 24 year-old young lady who enjoys attending two different adult day programs, and she recently moved into a group home with another young woman who is similarly disabled. She has a very active social life, she attends various adult social programs, has a boyfriend, etc. Those struggles of long ago seem … “so long ago!”

Korene and I feel very strongly that we owe so much to Thomas E. Crenney and Associates for their ongoing support in bringing our family from a state of shock and denial to a place where we now can celebrate how far Maura has come. Mr. Crenney’s sense of compassion is quite close to the surface. If you’re reading this, perhaps you are full of doubt and afraid of what the future might bring. We understand that, because we’ve been there. But we’ve always thought of that first meeting with Mr. Crenney as the day Maura’s life changed for the better! -Bill & Korene K.

Tom Crenney handled my medical malpractice case with the utmost integrity, expertise, skill, and compassion. Tom and Alicia Nocera were always available to answer my questions and always had my best interests at heart. At a time when I was unsure of my options regarding the debilitating consequences of the medical malpractice, Tom took the worry off of my shoulders and was an outstanding advocate on my behalf. -D.G.

In April 2005 I had been having pain in my right wrist and was told I had tendonitis. After 2 1/2 months of increasingly horrible pain I found out that I had a giant cell tumor in my radius that had been misdiagnosed. The tumor, which was the size of the tip of my pinky finger in April had now grown to the the size of my thumb and instead of simply removing the tumor I now had to have 3 inches of my radius removed and my ulna was cut and rotated over to take place of my radius and a titanium plate was placed from my hand to my elbow which allowed no bending of my wrist. My surgery was 6 hours and the hospital stay for 3 days was 3 of the worst days of my life. I knew that my life was forever changed. On my way home from the hospital, I saw a billboard with Tom Crenney’s name and number and decided that if I could no longer do my job, ( I was a radiation therapist for 14 years) I would have to take action to make sure that my financial future was going to be okay. I called the law firm and told them my story and they came to my house, which was 2 hours away, and we discussed what my options were if I was unable to return to work. After months of rehab I was told that I would only be able to lift 3-5 pounds with my right arm and my job description stated that I needed to be able to lift 50 and now was faced with a disability that would never go away. Tom and Alicia were fantastic. They were sensitive to the fact that mine and my family’s life had been turned upside down. They were able to settle my case and not go to court. I am forever grateful to them. -Paula C.

Slip and Fall

I sustained a serious injury on a slip and fall due to negligence. Alicia Nocera was knowledgeable in how to handle witnesses, government liability restraints, the person(s) responsible and most importantly how to handle my apprehension to pursue my case while undergoing several surgeries and months of therapy. She always found the way to calm my fears and reassure me. I was beyond pleased with her professionalism. -Mar P.