Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyer

If you have never been attacked by a dog or other animal, the occurrence may not seem to even warrant mention. Yet those who have been attacked, bitten or knocked down will tell you — animal attacks can be serious and cause a great deal of psychological trauma in addition to the physical pain and cosmetic damage. Cases involving animal attacks should be dealt with immediately to ensure that the victim receives the consideration and compensation he or she deserves.

Thomas E. Crenney & Associates, LLC, a personal injury firm located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is comprised of a team of attorneys and other legal professionals dedicated to getting compensation for the clients they serve. The firm is experienced in handling cases of personal injury and animal attacks around Western Pennsylvania.

A Straightforward Case

Dog bites, dog knockdowns, and other kinds of animal attacks are generally handled in a straightforward manner. If you have been attacked and injured by a dog or other animal, you may be entitled to compensation from the pet owner, who would be responsible for paying the damages in full. Compensation covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damages, and cosmetic surgery or reconstruction to cover scarring. If you have needed to take time off work because of the injury, you are legally entitled for wage compensation, as well. Families who have lost a loved one in a case of mauling are also due compensation for funeral expenses in addition to medical costs and pain and suffering.

In Pennsylvania, the state imposes strict liability in dog bite cases, particularly in the event of severe injury or a repeated offense from an animal legally deemed “dangerous”. Even in the event of a non-serious injury, victims of dog bites can also obtain full compensation if the dog owner was negligent or violated an animal control law.

Effectively Pursuing Your Premises Liability Claims

We are able to efficiently and effectively pursue claims on behalf of our clients, ensuring that they are fully compensated for physical and emotional trauma. To find out how our Pennsylvania dog bite lawyers can help you in your animal attack case, contact Thomas E. Crenney & Associates, LLC today and schedule your free initial consultation.