Pittsburgh Attorneys for SUV Rollover and ESC Accidents

In the United States, SUV rollovers account for hundreds of deaths and thousands of fatalities every year. The drivers of sport utility vehicles are more at risk for rollover accidents than the drivers of other vehicles due to the high center of gravity and the narrow track width of SUVs. In addition, defects in the side windows and seat belts used in SUVs can cause drivers and passengers additional severe injuries. All of these potential risks can lead to significant consequences for rollover accident victims and their families.

At the law firm of Tom Crenney & Associates, our experienced rollover accident lawyers provide representation to the victims of SUV defects and rollovers in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania. We know how to hold SUV manufacturers accountable for defective products that result in serious and fatal injuries. Our firm can help you understand your rights and can guide you through the process of receiving compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Electronic Stability Control and SUV Rollovers

Since 2000, most automobile manufacturers have put Electronic Stability Control systems (ESCs) in their SUVs to help prevent rollovers. Since SUVs are fairly top heavy, they are at risk for rolling over during turns and other steering maneuvers. The ESC system is designed to help drivers maintain control when steering their vehicles. It senses when vehicles are beginning to spin out and turns the vehicle in the appropriate way by automatically applying the brake to one or more of the wheels.

SUVs made prior to 2000, or SUVs whose manufacturers do not include ESCs in them, are still very susceptible to roll over. In addition, most ESCs cannot perform their intended functions if the speed of the vehicle is too great to apply the proper traction to the maneuver that the driver is intending.

Sport utility vehicles are often marketed by their manufacturers as vehicles that can carry a good amount of weight, both in cargo and in passengers. Since they are marketed to carry a heavy load of people and equipment, those who purchase these vehicles often attempt to use their SUVs in this manner. Unfortunately, more weight increases the chances of being involved in rollover accidents and most SUVs are not designed for the type of weight that they are sometimes advertised to handle.

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