Pittsburgh Product Liability Lawyer

Products that are intended for use at work, primarily machinery and safety parts, or in the home, including those found in your medicine cupboard or your car, should follow certain safety standards to ensure that with proper use, they will perform as they were designed to perform. Unfortunately, manufacturing defects, malfunctions and unforeseen product dangers do occur, resulting in serious injury.

Thomas E. Crenney & Associates, LLC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has devoted over two decades to assisting individuals who have sustained injuries in accidents for which another party was responsible. If you have been injured in an accident involving a defective product, one of our experienced liability lawyers can help you through this difficult time.

Work Injuries

In factories, processing plants and other industrial centers, workplace safety should be paramount. Yet improperly made machinery can break, safety equipment can be disabled, and safeguards can give way, all causing serious injuries: torn ligaments, broken bones, loss of limbs and sometimes loss of life. Our attorneys provide the legal and emotional support necessary to get you through your ordeal and help you obtain the compensation you are due for the costs related to your injury as well as pain and suffering.

Injuries at Home

Sometimes unsafe products harm not just individuals, but whole families, or at least the most vulnerable family members — your children. We routinely handle defective product liability cases involving toys, cribs, playground equipment and other products designed for use by children. We have also successfully litigated cases involving defective drugs.

Auto Defect Injuries

When you drive carefully to ensure that you will not get into an auto accident, it is frustrating having to deal with injuries sustained when an automobile part has malfunctioned. We help clients who have been injured when wheels have exploded, latches failed or air bags failed to deploy.

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