Pittsburgh Defective Automobile Lawyer

Car accidents occur every day. Although you may be a safe driver, another’s actions may result in a rear-end collision or a sideswipe. Such incidents, while frustrating, are not uncommon. Most of us can expect to get into a car crash at some point in our lives.

However, rather than as the result of another driver, you may be injured because the car you are in is defective. Your vehicle was simply not crashworthy. Crashworthiness can be compromised from the failure of brakes, latches, locks, airbags, seat belts, tires, wheels, windows or various other components of a car. Under product liability law, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers are all responsible for the proper and safe functioning of the products they produce and sell. If you are injured as a result of a component failure, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages from time taken off work to recover, and hardship as a result of the injury.

At the law office of Thomas E. Crenney & Associates, LLC, we specialize in cases involving defective automobiles and faulty products. Based on our successes, we have emerged as leaders in this specific area of personal injury.

Providing Effective Support

  • Our firm’s attorneys have successfully litigated cases involving numerous wheel and tire explosions, helping clients obtain proper compensation for related injuries.
  • Attorney Thomas E. Crenney litigated the biggest case of his career, and one of the biggest product liability cases in Allegheny County history, successfully obtaining damages for his client when a defective Chrysler minivan latch resulted in injury.
  • Because our firm is aggressive in its approach to handling personal injury cases, you can be sure that your case will move forward with efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Preserving evidence is one of the most important steps you can take in achieving the desired outcome to your case. Whether the case involves brake failure, tire failure or seat belt failure, preserving evidence is crucial.
  • Because of Pennsylvania’s two-year statute of limitations, pursuing your personal injury claim must be done in a timely manner. Rely upon our attorneys to help you in this way.

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