Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys in Pennsylvania

In a car accident or other accident that results in head trauma, the brain may suffer serious injuries that pose significant health risks for the victim. Brain injuries may have temporary or lasting consequences, or in the worst cases, may be fatal. Every head and brain injury needs immediate medical treatment, even when symptoms are not readily apparent.

At the law firm of Tom Crenney & Associates, our experienced medical malpractice and personal injury attorneys represent individuals who have suffered brain injuries in Pittsburgh or the surrounding communities of Western Pennsylvania. Our firm has more than two decades of experience in personal injury and remains committed to the needs of our clients and their families. We understand how serious brain injuries can be and what is necessary to obtain the compensation and the medical treatment that the victims of these injuries need.

If you or someone that you love has suffered a brain injury in an accident, due to medical malpractice or as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact us at Tom Crenney & Associates to speak with a personal injury lawyer at no charge.

Causes and Types of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can differ by type, severity and cause, but even the mildest brain injury has the potential for lasting effects and serious complications. At Tom Crenney & Associates, we provide representation for the victims of brain injuries such as:

  • Contusion
  • Strokes or bleeding on the brain
  • Closed head injuries and concussions
  • Latent brain injuries
  • Memory loss
  • Prenatal brain injuries
  • Post Concussive Syndrome
  • Other traumatic brain injuries

These injuries are typically the result of head trauma that can be caused by motor vehicle accidents, being injured on the job, slip and fall accidents, oxygen deprivation, birth injuries and many other types of accidents.

Brain injuries may develop over time, and without proper medical treatment, many types of brain damage may be hard to detect. It is important to seek medical treatment even for “mild” symptoms, such as lasting headaches, dizziness and other indications of head trauma.

Brain injuries may also have consequences that last far beyond the time of the initial accident. For that reason, any lasting conditions need to be accounted for by your attorney when seeking compensation.

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